Limmud Scotland Day 25 Nov 2012

LIMMUD SCOTLAND EDINBURGH 23rd to 25th November 2012

We are having a number of events in Edinburgh, building up to Limmud Scotland Day in Glasgow on Sunday 25th November. If you haven’t booked already, please go to where you will find out all about the main event, including programme and speakers, as well as the application form. Speakers include some you may recognise, including our Rabbi Mark Solomon and our newsletter editor Hannah Holtschneider.  For a  list, as of now,  see here. If you wish to join the Limmud Bus, which will take you directly from the corner of Salisbury and Dalkeith Road (and a few joining stops on the way) to the event, please indicate the number of seats that you wish to reserve on the application form. See below for arrangements.

1. Friday night dinner: Friday 23rd November courtesy of Sukkat Shalom. At our pot luck Friday night meal at the Columcille Centre at 7pm, we will be joined by people who will be attending Limmud Scotland. Everyone will be bringing a dish to contribute, excluding any meat or sea-food. Soft drinks and a bottle of wine are also very welcome.  Rabbi Mark Solomon will be there and there will be other Limmud speakers including Lydia Aisenberg. Lydia has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years for the Givat Haviva Institute of the Kibbutz Artzi Movement (Mapam) to build “an inclusive, socially cohesive society in Israel.” A member of Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek, Lydia has been invited by Limmud Scotland to speak at the main event. So we are really pleased that she has agreed to speak to us in Edinburgh about the work of Givat Haviva. For a taster, see: You will find out a little more about the Lydia herself at

2.  Saturday night ceilidh klezmerdance: Saturday 24th November

The Klatsh Klezmer Band (with 'callers) will be playing (and calling you to dance) at the Blue Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, Leith at 7.30 pm. £5 for Limmud ticket holders, £6 for others.  It is advised that people buy tickets in advance by contacting Andrew Gardiner:    email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., also mobile 07767 398237

There is also a dance workshop and song workshop, with opportunities for musicians to play for the dancers, at Pilrig Church Hall, 1B Pilrig Street, off Leith Walk from 2-5pm. Cost £5 per workshop or £8 for both - the workshops will run one after the other.  (Since this takes place on Shabbat, I am assuming that this is not an ‘official’ Limmud event).

3. The Limmud bus. Everyone who submits an application to Limmud Scotland and ticks the Edinburgh bus box will be put in contact with Anna Duncan by the Limmud Scotland office. Anna will contact you to confirm your seat(s) on the bus, as well as take details of where you wish to alight. She will also take your mobile number and give you hers, so she can check that you are on your way if you are late! Anna’s email address is: 'Anna Duncan' ‎[This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]‎. The bus is being heavily subsidised by Limmud Scotland. However, there is a suggested contribution of £8 for the round journey (free for children), to defray some of Limmud’s expenditure. It will be collected on the bus, if you have not already sent it to Limmud Scotland on line or by cheque.


Proselyte page - under construction

Minutes 1st May 2012

Sukkat Shalom Council meeting Tuesday 1st May 2012 7:30pm

At 10 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh


Gillian Raab, Nick Silk, Ricky Hogg, Maureen Mackinnon, Claudette Hudes, Norman Crane, Rebecca Wober, Helen Ford (minutes)


Phil Wadler, Maurice Naftalin, Sue Lieberman

1. Minutes of meeting on 6th March were approved

2. Matters Arising (not covered below)

Phil has paid for a year’s subscription for the new emergency phone and will claim this back on expenses. The previous account has been cancelled.

There has been no progress on the erev Shabbat booklet due to the b’nei mitzvah of Adam and Leora

There was some discussion on the subject of announcements that can go into the newsletter. While it was agreed that this had been discussed at the previous meeting, it was confirmed that all non-ELJC related meetings should go in a section at the end of the newsletter with a general ‘disclaimer’, along the lines of “the following events have been notified to ELJC. They are reproduced here for the benefit of members who may wish to attend them.”

3. Composition of Council

Maureen was standing down as a member of the council but will carry on with the catering. There is a need for a catering team. Rebecca to be council liaison for Catering and Kate, Wendy, Claire Hogg and Anna Duncan to be approached to be members of the team. Action Maureen

4. Reports

a) Treasurers Report

Everything now online. The Pesach Caterers will accept a Bank Transfer for Payment. Reminder letters being sent out regarding unpaid subs. Three quarters have been paid. Kol Nidre appeal cheques are still to be sent off. Action Gillian and Claudette

b) Religious Affairs

Things going well. Shavuot – 26 May, service will be followed by cheesecake and discussion. Borders service 9 June. Friday Erev Shabbat service o 13thn July will be addressed by an American Education Director from New Mexico and followed by a Chavurah Supper.

c) Cheder and adult education

We may be gaining another child or two in the cheder. Norman to sort 2012/13 Academic Year session dates for bookings as soon as possible.

We seem to be having more Spinoza meetings than Tea and Talmud, so we need to see if balance can be redressed. Action Nick: When planning Mark’s next visits

Sunday Morning Hebrew Group has a new member. Norman responded to a request to do an Education session at Oaklands School (learning disability) on the topic Pesach. The children appeared to concentrate for 25 minutes. We recorded our thanks to Norman for doing this.

d) Membership

New Member – Helen Sherbourne formally welcomed to the community. There are a few more potential members. Rebecca to design a welcome to the community card.

5. SCIO Application Update

The application was formally submitted and we have had a request for some small changes as well as a detailed list of our assets. Gillian will submit this shortly.

6. Quiz

Intercommunity Quiz. Sunday 4th November. Wait how many people sign up before deciding venue, St Marks to be asked if they have the facilities needed to have the quiz there. Action Nick Reply to be sent stating interest and Kristi to be asked if she is willing to organise. Action Gillian

7. Facebook

Helen Sherbourne has volunteered to set up a Facebook page for us so we have a better social media Social Media presence. We will monitor how this is going. Action everyone.

8. Jewish Leadership Council

We have received an invitation from this group. It is self-appointed. We shouldn't feel obliged to send someone. Email to be forwarded to Nick.

9. Funeral Directors

Gordon Barclay is looking in to changing Funeral Directors from the Co-op in liaison with Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation who are planning to change. Jonathan and Marjory Brodie expressed some disquiet since co-op relations had been good. 

10. Seder

The communal seder was very successful, with over 90 people, only 16 of whom were guests from elsewhereAction Maureen to check if this is correct. Two last minute people away. Appears to have made a small profit, but details currently unavailable to allow for post deadline cheques to clear. Details to be confirmed later Action Claudette to bring to next meeting.

11, Biennial Weekend

Claudette, Robbert and Gillian attended this very enjoyable weekend and would encourage others to go in 2 years time. Gillian and Nick won Chairman's Awards.

12. Birthday Cards

Thanks to Ricky for volunteering to organise this. Cards will go out to Children, until Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and then potentially for special occasions after 13.

Options for adult birthdays include Sponsoring a Kiddush either by bringing along some food (eg Cake or similar) and Mitzvot but needs flexibility. Ricky will draft and send letters each month to those with birthdays to ask about an Aliyah and a contribution to Kiddush. Rebekah agreed to design some cards that would be suitable to send out.

13. Edinburgh Star

Claudette has asked to become a proof reader for the next issue. There are plenty of articles from us that will feature there. Council members agreed that Sukkat Shalom would become a Patron for £100.

14. Other business Security

Marjory reported a problem with security in May. We need a bigger pool of people willing to do it. It was proposed to rename to Meeting and Greeting and to ask for volunteers in the newsletter. Action: Gillian or Marjory  to pass text text to Hannah


The meeting concluded with thanks to the chair.


High Holy Days at Sukkat Shalom

Arrangements for High Holy Days 2016/5777

Rosh Hashanah this year falls on Sunday 2nd (erev) and Monday 3rd October and Yom Kippur on Tuesday 11th  (Kol Nidre) and Wednesday 12th.


We welcome visitors to our High Holy Days services, but for security reasons we ask everyone to get in touch with us to obtain a ticket beforehand (see details below).

We wish all members and visitors "L'Shanah Tovah and well over the fast".

All non-members who wish to join us are kindly asked to contact us by email using the form on our contact page (select the High Holy Days option) or by leaving a message on the community phone (0131 777 8024). We will then get back with all the details and arrangements for receiving tickets.

Visitors are encouraged  to send us a donation, but we will never turn away anyone because they are unable to do so. Members should all have received details of the services by post and new members are always welcome, see how to join.


Our Rosh Hashanah services will be led by our Rabbi, Mark Solomon, and our Yom Kippur services by Rabbi, Andrew Goldstein. Rabbi Goldstein is the former rabbi of Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue and president of Liberal Judaism as well as former chairman of the European Uniion for Progressive Judaism.  

Details of the services, including locations and detailed timings, are on the tickets which have been posted to all members. Non-members who wish to join us should arrange to get tickets (see below) for all our services. Times of these can be found on the diary page.

To familiarise yourself with some of the tunes that we will be using at the services you can hear Rabbi Mark singing some of them here.

The Rosh Hashanah morning service will be followed by lunch at the venue to which everyone is invited.

After that there will be the option of tashlich by the side of the Water of Leith, a short walk from our lunch venue.  This picture shows some of us on a previous year. We are hoping that the sun will shine again this year.

Break-fast meal after Yom Kippur  
We will be breaking the fast together at a nearby restaurant who are offering us a meat-free and seafood-free menu at a very reasonable price. See details below.
To book your place please send a message To book your place please email Maureen MacKinnon (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as  as soon as possible and definitely by Monday 10th October.
La Piazza, a friendly Italian restaurant at 97 -99 Shandwick lace EH2 4SD Date and time Wednesday 12 October; arrive 7.30 for 8.00
£20.00 for three courses, with  choices for each course. Vegetarian and fish menu. Drinks, including coffee and tea not included
 STARTERS a choice of:  
    bruschette with tomatoes
  • smoked salmon marinaded in peppercorn, olive oil and lemon juice on a bed of rocket
  • baked aubergine with mozzarella, parmesan,tomato sauce and basil
MAIN COURSES a choice of:  
  • risotto verde ( pesto, spinach,broccoli, asparagus, peas,garlic, white wine and parmesan)
  • rigatoni pasta with four cheeses, spinach and cream
  • a choice of any pizza from the menu
  • pan-fried sea bass fillet in white wine, cherry tomatoes, olives, olive oil and capers
Desserts a choice of:  
  • tiramisu
  • mixed flavours of ice-cream
  • lemon sorbet

Human Rights Tour Itinerary

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Outline of activities in the ELJC Israel Human Rights Trip

(9th May: becoming final at last, still waiting for details on some activities)

Friday 17th May:

Late morning: orientation meeting.

Afternoon: E. Jerusalem, Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah, Wall, house demolitions (half-day ICAHD tour).

Evening:  erev Shabbat service (optional)

Saturday 18th May: 

All day: accompany PHR-I mobile clinic in the West Bank, escorted by Sharon Barnett of PHR-I.

Sunday 19th May: 

All day: Hebron, escorted by Nadav Bigelman, of Breaking the Silence. Haaretz published an interview with Nadav about Hebron just over a year ago.

Monday 20th May:

All day ICAHD tour:

Beit Arabiya (ICAHD Peace Center)

Jordan valley

Tuesday 21st May:

Morning: Jerusalem Old City (tourist half-day)

Afternoon: optionally, walk in the Wadi Elqult, with a guide from the Siraj Center

Evening: meeting with Combatants for Peace. Two ex-fighters, an Israeli and a Palestinian, will tell us their personal stories and how they came to choose non-violence as the way forward.

Wednesday 22nd May:

Negev tour with Rabbi Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights.

Thursday 23rd May:

Morning: Tel-Aviv, tour with Amnesty learning about the situation of refugees in Israel

Afternoon: PHR Israel open clinic in Tel Aviv, details tbc

Friday 24th May:

Bethlehem area: Battir (UNESCO world heritage village), Al-Masara and Al-Walaja to see the effect of the separation wall round Bethlehem, Bethlehem itself, Aidaa camp, guided by Aaron Garcia (student of Rabbi Mark's, on six-month EAPPI tour). 

Saturday 25th May:

Neve Shalom (unconfirmed).

Time off in Tel Aviv.

Party! Social mixer, (before dinner, meet some youth, and then open social time with all the other partner organizations invited) 5-7pm, with music(?), refreshments .