LImmud Sessions 2012

Lydia Aisenberg

A Jewish journey: from the Rhondda to Jezreel Valley D1

From the only Jewish family in a Welsh village to being the only Welsh Jew in an Israeli collective. How green is my valley either side of the divide: 40 years of involvement in encounters between Jews & Israeli Arabs and West Bank Palestinians.

Jewish Journeys


Lisa Barrett

Listening to G-d’s voice: An introduction to Jewish Spiritual Direction M4

Are you looking for a way to deepen your spiritual experience? Perhaps you never imagined that you could do this in a Jewish context. Is this even a Jewish thing to do? Come and discover how to listen more deeply to G-d’s voice speaking in your life. Explore ways to build a meaningful spiritual practice and look at which Jewish sources tell us about the importance of spiritual companionship.

Ethical and Spiritual


Ross Bradshaw and Heather Valencia

From Revolution to Repression - Stalin's war on Yiddish D2

After the Russian Revolution Jewish culture flourished in the new Soviet Union, only to be crushed by Stalin, culminating in the execution of most of the leaders of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee on 12 August 1952. Five of those executed were Yiddish novelists and poets. This session outlines the history of that period for Yiddish literature, with readings (in English) from the work of the writers we commemorate

The Arts


Fiona Frank

Being Jewish in Scotland D1

A chance to hear about the Scottish Government funded “Being Jewish in Scotland” project run by ScoJeC in 2011-12, to have a chance to talk about your particular experiences of ‘being Jewish in Scotland’, and to have your say in influencing how SCoJeC continues to support the variety of Jewishness throughout Scotland.

Celebrating Jewish Life in Scotland


Ellen Galford and Heather Valencia

Lost and Found Treasures: Yiddish Books from the old Gorbals Public Library D1

Recently a group of enthusiasts has been cataloguing an all-but-forgotten collection of Yiddish books, originally from the Gorbals Public Library, which found their way to the Mitchell Library sometime in the twentieth century. This treasure-trove illuminates the active, diverse reading habits of Glasgow's immigrant Jewish population, as well as the modernity and internationalism of Yiddish publishing in the pre-war years. We will talk about our finds and introduce some highlights and surprises of this collection.

Celebrating Jewish Life in Scotland


Mark Gardner

Antisemitism Today: Trends & Responses M2

A summary of trends in contemporary antisemitism: looking at terrorism, antisemitic race hate incidents and antisemitic themes within discourse about Jews, Zionism and Israel. It will also summarise efforts to counter these phenomena.

Israel and Contemporary Issues


Glasgow Klezmer Collective

Klezmer Dance Session Assembly Hall

Glasgow Klezmer Collective is a group of Klezmer musicians from Glasgow and Edinburgh who get together regularly to play thetraditional music of the eastern European shtetl traditionally played at weddings and simchas. At this session you’ll have a chance to learn some dances and enjoy the music – come for the whole session or just until lunchtime – you might not want to leave!  If you’d like to find out about regular Klezmer sessions in Edinburgh and other cottish Klezmer things going on beyond Limmud, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Arts


Alex Guilherme

Martin Buber and Gandhi - A Polemical Exchange of Letters on the Jewish Problem M5

On the eve of the World War II, while anti-Semitic riots were raging fiercely in Europe, Buber and Gandhi were involved in a polemical exchange of views on the Jewish problem. In this workshop-session I will introduce participants to Gandhi’s letter and to Buber’s reply, which will serve as a starting point for a discussion about the problem of anti-Semitism and Zionism.

Ethical and Spiritual


Deborah Haase and Hazel Woolfson

Zagare, Lithuania: Going Back. Moving Forward? D2

In 2011 The Jewish Heritage Trek to Latvia and Lithuania in aid of Jewish Care Scotland visited Zagare on the border of Lithuania and Latvia. For some Trekkers this was a chance to see something of their 19th century family roots- and sad and grim reminders of the Holocaust. In 2012 Hazel Woolfson returned for the Zagare Cherry Festival and unveiling of the Zagare town Holocaust memorial…not hidden in the forest but in the town square. How did this come about and does it mean Lithuania is moving forward in acknowledging its Holocaust past?

Jewish Journeys


Hannah Holtschneider

Now you see it, now you don’t: Visualising Jewish History in Exhibitions M5

Following a brief introduction to strategies used in exhibitions to show who Jews were and are and how Jews lived and live, workshop participants will be developing their own ideas for displays of an aspect of Jewish history and share this with the group. This is very much a hands-on experience. Bring along creative ideas and participate in a lively discussion of the pros and cons of display strategies.

The Arts


Sharman Kaddish

Historic Sites and Synagogues of Scotland (Illustrated) D2

The built heritage of Scottish Jewry is concentrated in the ‘two capitals’ of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Tiny Braid Place (Sciennes) burial ground (1820) in Edinburgh is the earliest evidence of communal life. Glasgow’s A Listed Garnethill Synagogue (1879) is the ‘cathedral synagogue of Scotland’ and one of the Top Ten British Jewish heritage sites recognised by the Council of Europe. We conclude with examples of contemporary synagogue architecture in Glasgow.

Jewish Journeys


Harvey L Kaplan and Deborah Haase

A New Life in Scotland – How Scotland provided a refuge for Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied

Europe M3

Discover the story of those who fled to Scotland from Nazi-occupied Europe – including those who

came on the Kindertransport, refugees and survivors. How were they received here? What was

the community response? How did they contribute to Scottish society and the Jewish community?

Illustrated with material from the collections of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre.


Celebrating Jewish Life in Scotland


Rafi Kaiserblueth

Not quite Judah Macabee M1

How many times have I been asked, is that a job for a nice Jewish boy? Or, if you’re going to serve in the military, why not Israel? Join as we will discuss, through texts and my experiences as we explore these questions.

Reading between the lines


Maureen Kendler

Samson Revisited M2

Samson: so misunderstood. So long portrayed as a misbegotten hero or hot-headed superman, the reality of Samson is his isolation and his lost vocation as performance artist and poet. In this session we will revisit his story and uncover a tragic, lost soul who could have saved the Jewish people.

Reading between the lines


Sandra Kviat

Jewish parenting: After the nappy changes M5

After bathing, feeding, and clearing up, what is Jewish about parenting?

How do you reprimand or reward Jewishly? Is there such a thing as Jewish parenting?

What do you do if your partner is not Jewish?

Focusing primarily on children aged 0-5 years old.

Ethical and Spiritual


Esther Lapian

Joseph and Sarah-Absconded in Egypt M1

In Genesis we read about Joseph and Sarah, two Israelites forcibly “approached” by Egyptians in places of power due to their outstanding beauty. Each reacts differently: one with silence, the other with audacious resistance.

What did the Biblical writer want us to understand from these two narratives? What do Joseph

and Sarah represent? Why do these narratives of enticement both occur in Egypt? By means of

close reading, we will answer these questions and more.

Reading between the lines


Anglo, Ortho, and Female in Israel - no simple matter M2

For those of us who are Anglo, Liberal orthodox, and female, living in Israel, Jerusalem in particular,

presents complex challenges on a daily basis. A deepening theocratic undertow threatens the democratic

ideals we were raised on, our self-respect as women, and our right to define our relationship to God as we

see fit. This session will be a personal reflection on these issues- as an Olah, an observant Jew, and a


Israel and Contemporary Issues


Clive Lawton

Who won at Chanukah? M4

As the memory of the Olympics fades and Hanuka draws near, it’s time to ask ourselves honestly who really won back then; the Jews or the Greeks?

Ethical and Spiritual




Adam Levick

My Zionist Journey: Born in America, made in Israel M1

My presentation will explore how I evolved from being a secular Jew, without much of a connection to Israel, in Philadelphia to becoming a Zionist activist, making Aliyah, working professionally as a blogger for a pro-Israel media watchdog, and marrying a religiously observant woman in Jerusalem.

Jewish Journeys


Advocating for Israel in the traditional and social media M2

Do you want to defend Israel but feel you don’t have a good grasp of the facts, most effective arguments and social media skills necessarily to do it effectively? This short session will help give you the tools, and the confidence, necessary to defend Israel with confidence and without apologies.

Israel and Contemporary Issues


Natan Levy

Paradise Lost: Ecocide in the Garden of Eden M1

Why did God curse the ground when he banished Adam and Eve from Eden? How do ancient stone monoliths uncovered in Turkey warn of modern ecological collapse? And just what was that infamous forbidden fruit? Cutting edge paleo-archeology dovetails with ancient Torah texts, as we fall into the last days of Eden.

Reading between the lines


Helena Miller

Drawing with words – the art of Micrography M5

Micrography is a Jewish art form developed in the 9th Century, with parallels in Christianity and Islam. The word literally becomes the visual image as Hebrew characters blend and weave together to tell a story. We will explore some examples of Micrography and participants will have an opportunity to create their own visual image. No experience necessary!

The Arts


Steve Miller

Education, education, education…really? Will education solve the problems of extreme poverty in the world? M2

The Jewish community has always valued education, for its own sake and as a path to prosperity. Tzedek is the UK Jewish community’s response to extreme poverty and after an extensive study of life in our partnership region of Northern Ghana; we are developing an innovative programme of educational renewal. This session will start with Jewish sources on social justice, poverty and education and then move on to how Tzedek is developing this new programme.

Reading Between the Lines


Silvia Nacamulli

A culinary history of Italian Jewry D2

Silvia will present the history of the Jews in Italy, taking you through the different waves of Jewish

immigration and their impact on Italian cuisine from ancient times to the present. Aubergines,

artichokes and pumpkins are only a few of the ingredients that caracterise this fascinating culinary

journey. Come and join this interesting talk, which will be followed by an open Q&A.

The Arts




Jewish flavours of Rome D2

Rome has the oldest Jewish community in the Western world and its influence in shaping what is today traditional Italian food has been of great importance and long forgotten. Whilst talking about the culinary history, Silvia will demonstrate how to make “Pizza Romana”, traditional fruitcakes from the Roman ghetto. Come and join this interesting talk, which will be followed by an open Q&A and tasting of the fruitcakes!

Jewish Journeys


Jeremy Newmark & Claudia Mendoza

The Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy M3

There is a global campaign afoot to demonise and delegitimise the State of Israel that goes beyond legitimate criticism of Israeli policy. A major hub of this campaign is Britain, where unions and NGOs advocate boycott, divestments and sanctions against Israelis. This session will explore the ideological and political roots of the campaign, assess the nature of the threat it poses, and suggest ways of combating it.

Israel and Contemporary Issues


Adam Ognall

Zionism 20:20M3

Israel has been central to community life in Scotland for decades. Scottish Jewry has a proud record in supporting Israel. This session asks whether Zionism and the Israel of today can remain a strong and unifying part of modern Jewish identity? Are the younger generation ‘moving away’ from Israel? How do we ensure positive links given the complexity of modern Israel and the context of how Israel is portrayed in the British media?

Israel and Contemporary Issues


Judah Passow

No Place Like Home – a Photographer’s Journey D2

Photographer Judah Passow talks through a projection of his work from No Place Like Home, the two-year long project exploring contemporary UK Jewish life which was exhibited at the Jewish Museum earlier this year.

Jewish Journeys


Naomi Paul

Reshape While DampD1

With original songs, Jewish stories and a lemon, this comedy theatre show presents a distinctive

take on our times, shining a satirical light into life’s dark corners. At times poignant, always funny,

Naomi wonderswhat to do about the litter on her street, the libraries closing down, and what a

nice Jewish girl like her isdoing living in a world like this.

The comic timing is sublime,’ (Fringe

The Arts


Michael Pollok

Jesus in the Talmud. New Readings in Rabbinic Writings M1

Recent new editions of the Talmud have re-instated previously “lost” material which had been excluded by medieval and later censors. These re-discovered texts shed a completely new light on the emergence of Christianity and its Jewish roots

Reading Between The Lines




Toni Rickenback and Alistair Falk

Much Ado About Noshing D2

Stories of Jews and food as Chopped and Fried present their freshly-made literary taster menu for the connoisseur. Based on a hearty haimishe recipe, indulge your senses as we chop, slice and stir our way through a range of Jewish stories, songs and poems lightly dusted with our signature charm.
Please note: This event is definitely not under rabbinical supervision and contains adult themes (sex, guilt, taxes, the eternal struggle to put food on the table etc)

The Arts


Daniel Reisel

How I became a male orthodox Jewish feminist M1

In helping to set up the Grassroots High Holiday Minyan in London, Daniel had to confront one of the

most divisive communal issues: women's equal participation in leading services. By going back to the

halakha and learning the text sources, Daniel found surprising possibilities for full female

participation. The session will present the sources in an accessible way and invite participants to share

their own experiences. 

Reading Between The Lines


Hugo Rifkind

How does a Jewish journalist cover the Middle East? M2

This will be a relatively light-hearted examination of how a journalist, with an institutional commitment to impartiality, covers a subject over which, inevitably, a Jew will feel partisan. Along the way, I’ll consider the useful sense of “otherness” that Judaism can, sometimes, grant us in Britain and, perhaps unsuitably, tell some jokes. It will be part lecture, but with an opportunity for discussion and questions at the end.

Israel and Contemporary Issues


Hagai M Segal

Al Qaeda and Terrorism 11 Years After 9/11 M5

Over 11 years have passed since the 9/11 atrocities that changed America and the world, and that led to the ‘War On Terror’. But where do we stand now? Hagai, who advises counter-terror agencies across the globe, examines the current state of both the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, and whether with the killing of bin Laden we are seeing the end of al Qaeda or whether terrorism remains a real threat.

Israel and Contemporary Issues


J. David Simons and Ross Bradshaw

Turning our history into fiction M4

Publisher Ross Bradshaw of Five Leave Publications talks to Glasgow-based author  J. David Simons about the creative process and research techniques behind presenting the Glasgow Jewish community of the early 20th century as the backdrop to his two novels, The Credit Draper and The Liberation of Celia Kahn.

Celebrating Jewish Life in Scotland


Claire Singerman and Angela Shapiro

Gathering the Voices – preserving immigrant testimony M3

The aim of our project is to gather oral testimony from men and women who sought sanctuary in Scotland to escape the racism of Nazi-dominated Europe. We have concentrated on the Scottish experiences of refugees who came here, many as children. We asked them about the challenges they faced in a new environment, especially after the traumatic times they lived through in their native lands. We intend to discuss our project and explain why it matters.

Celebrating Jewish Life in Scotland


Mark Solomon

Equal Marriage the Jewish Way M4

Liberal Judaism has taken a leading role in the successful campaign for same-sex marriage equality in Scotland. Come and discuss the issues with Scotland’s only Liberal Rabbi. How can such a radical move be squared with Jewish tradition, and how might it affect the community?

Ethical and Spiritual


Michael Tobias

The Roots of Scottish Jewry M3

This session will deal with the founding and development of Scottish Jewry from the early 19th century up to the turn of the 20th century. The origins of the Jewish immigrants to Scotland will be analysed as will their settlement patterns and development over time. Newly discovered documents and newspaper articles will shed light on the history of the Jews of Scotland.

Celebrating Jewish Life in Scotland


Sam Westrop

The Unholy Alliance: How to fight the far-Left – Islamist network M3

Political parties, the media, human rights groups and local Government have all been infiltrated by the latent influence of far-Left and Islamist organisations. Some approaches taken towards supporting Israel have conversely played into the hands of those who wish to destroy the Jewish State. Find out why the current passive approach is not working and how we must properly and proactively support Israel and undermine the network of groups determined to bring harm to the Jewish people.

Israel and Contemporary Issues



George Wilkes

Risk and Peace: Jewish Debates D1

What risks are acceptable in making peace? What risks are acceptable in rejecting an opportunity for peace? Should ordinary Jews take these risks, on the streets in Tel Aviv, or Glasgow? Does it matter what the ordinary Jew thinks about this? Who should be responsible for preparing us for the choices we make about peace in a democracy – philosophers, rabbis, scientists, or other public figures? This session will cover various opposing approaches to taking risks ‘on behalf of peace’, looking both at historical and contemporary approaches, religious and secular, and giving particular attention to Jewish debates surrounding peace between the State of Israel and its neighbours.

Ethical and Spiritual


Young and Teen Limmud Programme D3

This is the Young Limmud Programme which will offer fun, creative and engaging activities exploring ‘Where our Jewish Journey will take us this Year’. Through reflecting and looking at where we have been, together we will look at where we are going to go and what things can we achieve this year together!





Interfaith Cafe ; a Journey Into Faith – yours and others Assembly Hall

An opportunity to discuss faith journeys, including your own, with representatives of the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. The session will be facilitated by Frances Hume and Rose Drew, with contributions from Kumanga Andrahennadi, Jo Love, Dianne Wolfson


Glasgow Klezmer Collective Assembly Hall

Glasgow Klezmer Collective is a group of Klezmer musicians from Glasgow and Edinburgh who get together regularly to play thetraditional music of the eastern European shtetl traditionally played at weddings and simchas. At this session you’ll have a chance to learn some dances and enjoy the music – come for just one session or stay for a while longer, as you wish.  If you’d like to find out about regular Klezmer sessions in Edinburgh and other Scottish Klezmer things going on beyond Limmud, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Can Israel be one nation? Assembly Hall

Panel Discussion with leading presenters from across the political spectrum