Newsletters for 2013

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Date Highlights
January 2013 Chanukah party photos. Requests for help from members
February 2013 Chairman's final word. Gary Dickson on Fanaticism
March 2013 Norman's first chairman's word, Purim report
April 2013 Jewish action against poverty, book review, Melvin's trip to Israel
May 2013 Award for Rebekah Gronowski, Alex Guilherme at the Lit, Film Review, Shopping in Granton
June 2013  
July 2013 Reflections on the Israel Human Rights Tour, Blanche Mundy z''l, Jewish Life in Poland, Edinburgh Jewish Dialogue
August 2013 Festival suggestions, Ricky Hogg on  Ba'al Tefillah Course, and Holy Land Healing Herbs
September 2013 Trip to Abbotsford, Kol Nidrei Appeal: the Jabulani Project, Bar Mitzvah and Cheder News
October 2013 Community celebrations. Lit opening meeting. Kol Nidre Appeal: Cosgrove Care
November 2013 Day of Dialogue; Kol Nidre Appeal: Rabbis for Human Rights; On being 'gathered in'; A Liberal Ba'al Tefillah
December 2013 Chanukah party photos; Jewish Brazil; Equal Marriage approved in Holyrood