Newsletters for 2012

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Date Highlights
December 2012  Limmud report and kugel recipe
November012 Premises for Sukkat Shalom? Scottish Jewish Archive Centre
October 2012 Kol Nidre Appeal. Letters and review on Batsheva.
September 2012 Details of BBQ and break-fast meal. Arguments outside the Playhouse.
August 2012 High Holy Day arrangements, Festival fringe suggestions
July 2012 Report on Melrose service and event in Dumfriesshire
June 2012 Wadler/Lyons B'nei Mitzvah; admission of Melissa Wood and Alex Guillherme
May 2012 Report on the Biennial discussions; being iJewish; our Seder
April 2012 Rabbi Mark on the Four Children; Visit to Dundee; Purim pictures
March 2012 AGM report. Article on Krakow Jewish Community Centre
February 2012 AGM proposal to change to SCIO. Film review: Sarah's Key
January 2012 Being Jewish in Scotland Survey - Israel trip plans