Civic Chanukiah Lighting 2014

On Thursday 18th December there was a Civic Chanukiah lighting at the City Chambers to which all Jewish people in Edinburgh were invited. Rabbi Mark lit one of the three candles, with the other two Rabbis in the city doing the other two.

The crystal Chanukiah was presented to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh by one of Edinburgh's well-known and respected Jewish families. It will continue to be lit each year for many years to come signifying the Light which is brought to the City by all members of the Jewish Community in Edinburgh. Our present Jewish Community is very active in the Inter-Faith life of Edinburgh and regularly meet for Inter-Faith activities throughout the year. There have been Jews in Edinburgh for several hundred years and they have contributed greatly to the lives and diverse cultures of our famous City.



                Crystal Chanukiah              Members of Sukkat Shalom with Rabbi Mark                                                       and the Lord Provost 

(Photos Courtesy of: Tom Griffin, Photographer & Claudette Hudes - Copyright Holder)