Passover recipes

 Make your own Matzohs  Thanks to Jutta for this recipe for making kosher for passover matzohs. You will need to be speedy and a kitchen timer is essential.   recipe link
 Vegan matzoh ball soup  
 Lizy's recipe, she warns: "It does contain chickpeas so not suitable  if you are avoiding kitniyot "
 recipe link
NOT vegan matzoh balls

The traditional recipe as it used to appear on Rakusen's matzah meal packets. Thanks Anna for saving your old packet. 

The chicken fat can be replaced by butter for a dairy meal. There are also some other matzah meal recipes on the packet.

 recipe link
 Tu bShevat haggis All your fruits and nuts in one dish and to remid you of Rabbie Burns' birthday.  recipe link