Welcome to Sukkat Shalom, the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community


Our aim: to provide services and activities which embody our values, strengthen our Liberal Jewish identity and cater for the wide diversity of our members’ faith, practice and support needs.


Our services: Shabbat Evening Services, Shabbat Morning Services & Havdalah are all now a mixture of in-person and online via Zoom.


Full details of all Sukkat Shalom events and services with times and venues (we don't have our own shul) can be found by following this link to our diary page.


Sorry there is a problem with diary page. Will try to update soon.


We welcome visitors to any services, but please get in touch to get access details. We use the Liberal Judaism service book, Siddur Lev Chadash. The text will be shared online.


To contact us: go to our contact page or phone 0131 777 8024 



*  *  *  *   September 2022 / Elul 5782 - Tishri 5783  *  *  *  






We pray for the People of Ukraine!



[Stained glass windows in a Ukraine Synagogue -

Credit: Photographer Oleksandr Khomenko]


[We acknowledge the rights of the owners of this website - https://ukrainer.net/the-jews-of-ukraine - to this photograph.]











[Shabbat Shalom - on Pinterest]










Saturday 24th September / 28th Elul




Shabbat Morning Service



at 11.00 a.m. / 11.00 hrs.



at St. Mark's Unitarian Church


7 Castle Terrace


Edinburgh EH1 2DP





[Shabbat Shalom - Credit: Federation of Jewish GV]




Please observe precautions below if you are attending in person.







Sunday 25th September / 29th Elul







[Rosh HaShanah - Credit: Google Images]




*  *  *  * Shanah Tovah! *  *  *  *  *







[Shofar - Credit: My Jewish Learning]




Monday 26th September / 1st Tishri




Rosh Ha Shanah - Jewish New Year





[Rosh HaShanah - Credit: My Jewish Learning]




Services in Edinburgh will be led by Rabbi Danny Smith




[Shanah Tovah - Credit: Bridges for Peace]




Services on Zoom will be led by Rabbi Mark Solomon






[Tree of Life - Tara Turner]






Friday 30th September / 5th Tishri



Erev Shabbat Shuvah Service



Led by Rabbi Mark Solomon


at 7.00 p.m. / 19.00 hrs.



On Zoom




[Queen of Shabbat - Credit: Elena Kotiarker]







Saturday 1st October / 6th Tishri




Shabbat Shuvah - Shabbat of Returning



Shabbat Morning Service



at 11.00 a.m. / 11.00 hrs.



Led by Rabbi Mark Solomon



On Zoom





[Shabbat Shuvah - Credit: Congregation of Emmanuel

Hudson Valley]






High Holy Days




[High Holy Days 5783 - Beth Jacob Community]







Tuesday 4th October / 9th Tishri



Kol Nidrei






[Kol Nidrei by Avakesh]








Wednesday 5th October / 10th Tishri



Yom Kippur




[Yom Kippur]






For all Services and times, please refer to your weekly email


and your High Holy Days Information messages.









If you are coming to an in-person Service and because Covid


infection rates are still high and climbing up again -


Please observe the conditions of attendance -



If you have any possible Covid symptoms, don't come, but get a PCR test.


If you don't have symptoms, take a lateral flow test.


Wear a face mask in the Service.



Keep one metre from others, except your own household.






 Some Fridays will be Kabbalat Shabbat & other Fridays will be Erev Shabbat


Some times will change each week from now onward, so please consult the

weekly reminder.


Rabbi Mark also normally conducts regular discussion groups online:-



Mondays - Maimonides 'Guide for the Perplexed' [currently] at the new time of

1.00 p.m. /13.00 hrs - N.B. The change of day - time remains the same.



Thursdays - Tea & Talmud at 1.00 p.m./13.00 hrs.



At the moment, there are no classes while Rabbi Mark is recovering.


We wish him Refuah Shlemah and hope he will be back with us soon.


Notifications will be sent out when clases are to be resumed.




If you need to register for these – see link below for details.


To get links to all of these please see here. If you need a password, please contact us using our contact page explaining how you heard about us.


"Exploring Judaism" classes will be held every Sunday. The programme is here.