Welcome to Sukkat Shalom, the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community


Our aim: to provide services and activities which embody our values, strengthen our Liberal Jewish identity and cater for the wide diversity of our members’ faith, practice and support needs.


Our services: Shabbat Evening Services, Shabbat Morning Services & Havdalah are all now online via Zoom.


Update - Some Services are now being held physically and/or


in a hybrid form using Zoom.


Please check your weekly emails for information about High Holy Days Services.


We welcome visitors to any services, but please get in touch to get access details. We use the Liberal Judaism service book, Siddur Lev Chadash. The text will be shared online.


Full details of all Sukkat Shalom events and services with times and venues (we don't have our own shul) can be found by following this link to our diary page.


To contact us: go to our contact page or phone 0131 777 8024



*  *  *  *  September 2021 / Tishri 5782 *  *  *  





 Sukkot is here!



[Sukkot - Lulav & Etrog - Credit: My Jewish Learning]



Kabbalat Shabbat Service for Chol Ha-Mo’ed Sukkot


Friday September 24th at 07:00 p.m. / 19.00 hrs.






[Sukkah - Hebrew College]


Morning Service for Shabbat Chol Ha-Mo’ed Sukkot


Saturday September 25th at 11.00 a.m. / 11.00 hrs.





[Chol Ha-Mo'ed Sukkot - Jewish-Beliefs-High-Holy Days - My Jewish Learning]



Watch for Announcements with confirmation of 


Service times & venues!



The Services will also be on Zoom.



Chag Sukkot Sameach!







Erev Simchat Torah



Service on Monday at 6.30 p.m. / 18.30 hrs.



Simchat Torah




Service on Tuesday 28th September



at 11.00 a.m. / 11.00 hrs.




Chag Simchat Torah Sameach!




 [Simchat Torah - Credit: Time and Date]








Kabbalat Shabbat Service (Friday 7 p.m. / 19.00 hrs)                                          

Shabbat Morning Service (Saturday 11 a.m. / 11.00 hrs) 

Havdalah  (Saturday 8.00 p.m. / 20.00 hrs)


Times will be getting earlier each week from now onward, so please consult the weekly reminder.


Rabbi Mark also conducts regular discussion groups online:-


Mondays - Maimonides 'Guide for the Perplexed' [currently] at the new time of 1.00 p.m. /13.00 hrs 

Thursdays - Tea & Talmud at 12 noon -


Maimonides and Tea & Talmud are now in recess for the Summer break.

These will be resuming in October after all the Festivals between now and then.


Maimonides Mondays may be changed to another day - please watch weekly news.


You need to register for these – see link below for details.


To get links to all of these please see here. If you need a password, please contact us using our contact page explaining how you heard about us.


"Exploring Judaism" classes will be held every Sunday. The programme is here.