Articles and talks

Parashat (Torah portion for the week)

The best web link we have found to provide details and commentary on the weekly Torah portion is part of the web site of the Jewish Theological Seminary in the USA. You may also sign up there for their weekly Torah portion by email.

 There is also a weekly D'var Torah published by Leo Baeck College, the Rabbinic Seminary in London. For details, go to their website and sign up for their weekly D'var Torah by email.


Shoes: Collection of Writings  By Zelda Alexander

Volume 1: Lara’s Story

Volume 2: Trip to Latvia

Volume 3: Family histories


 Counting the Omer: A group of poems by Sue Bard and Ellen Galford

Read them here

Jewish commentary on Human Rights

The commentary which you can find here was prepared by Rabbi Mark Solomon for Human Rights Shabbat 2011.


Articles and Talks

Marloes Schoonheim's essay on Jewish Ethics and Climate Justice


Rabbi Mark Solomon addressed the Equal Marriage Reception, at the Scottish Parliament on  31 January 2012.


LGBT themed Sermon for Shabbat Bo (28th January, 2012) for LGBT history month. Delivered by Rebekah Gronowski. Read it here.

Induction address by Rabbi Mark Solomon April 2010.


Rebekah Gronowski gave a talk to a Forum and Workshop on 'Women's Spirituality for Peace' held on 15th June 2004.


In May 2005 Gordon Barclay wrote a piece on setting up burial arrangements for Liberal Judaism.


A report on the Siyyum for our Torah Scroll


The story of how we got our Scroll and its ornaments.


Maurice Naftalin gave the Dvar Torah (roughly, the sermon) when our Community visited GNS (now Glasgow Reform Synagogue)  in December 2004.


Articles written for the Edinburgh Star, 2000 to 2004, the magazine of the Edinburgh Jewish Community about the early history of our Community.


Letters from Jerusalem

Anat Kamenka Algazi was a member of Sukkat Shalom until she emigrated to Israel in 2007. She has recently been sending interesting and idiosyncratic pieces, covering many aspects of life in modern Israel. You can read them here: they are being added gradually, since it takes some time to format them for the website.

Letter 1 (25th January 2012) — Life in Israel